Wired Homes: The Future Today

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Wired Homes: The Future Today

A wired or automated home, simply put, is a house whose systems are controlled by computer. Integrating home systems provides security, peace of mind and convenience. And the ways to simplify life through technology are nearly endless.

With the cost of embedded microchips for electronic devices falling, the super-space-age homes once found only in Woody Allen movies are now becoming common in the American suburbs. 

Listed here are just a few of the many ways that you can begin to upgrade your home:


Access controls: The ability to gain access to your home, including driveway gates, security keypads, electronic locks, etc.

Audio/video control systems: Home theater, audio and video systems.

Communications: Telephone systems and intercoms allowing internal and external communications.

Control devices and sensors: Modules, devices, and sensors that activate a light, appliance or system.

Home automation protocols: Also known as home automation standards, these serve as the communication infrastructure for your home automation system, allowing different products and subsystems in the home to communicate with one another.

Home theater/satellites: For the ultimate in home entertainment, these products bring you very large screen television, top-notch sound systems, and satellite dish technology providing access to more TV channels than cable or broadcast usually offer.

HVAC and energy management: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems lend themselves well to automation, providing the homeowner with maximum comfort along with maximum control over the timing and energy demands of temperature and ventilation control.

Lighting devices and sensors: These products allow you to pre-set (or detect motion or light) and activate the internal and external lights of your home to turn on, off, dim, or brighten, at whatever times you wish.

Motorized devices: These open and close things like garage doors or blinds at just the right times.

Security systems: From alarms to child tracking devices, these products help make your home safer.

Utility-based services: Services provided by utility companies to monitor and control energy management requirements in your home.

Whole-house control systems: When you want to be able to control and automate many systems in your home, go for a whole house control system.

Windows and covering controls: These open and close blinds and draperies.